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Should my phone number be on a “Do Not Call” registry?

COLORADO SPRINGS — Is your phone number registered with the National Do Not Call List? While it won’t stop every unwanted call, fraud experts say it’s an important step that takes just a few seconds to accomplish. News5 takes a deep dive into 2021 complaint trends and having your phone number on this list matters.

There is a national no call list and one that is specific to Colorado. Consumer experts recommend making sure your phone numbers are on both of these lists. It’s true, bad actors won’t follow the rules. They’ll call you anyway, but it will make it easier to spot a scam call.

“1,911 robocalls are made in the United States per second. It’s incredible. Consumers are getting bombarded,” said “Dr. Fraud” J. Michael Skiba, international counter fraud expert and program director for criminal justice at CSU Global.

He says with so many prolific scam artists on the attack getting your number on a do not call list matters.

“So it might not be 100%, but even if it cuts it down half it’s still going to cut down on the places a fraudster can actually penetrate,” said Skiba.

The National Do Not Call Registry has been around for 18 years now and has at least 244 million phone numbers. This has led to millions of complaints about bad calls. In 2021 Colorado was ranked 4th for most complaints filed.

“It helps locate trends, it helps researchers like myself and other policy makers and state agencies to actually get a handle on what’s going on with the scams,” said Skiba.

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