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Sadly, IRS phone scams are very successful ‘businesses’

Despite all the warnings and news coverage, telephone scammers continue to run very successful “businesses” posing as Internal Revenue Service agents.

In May the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration announced the arrests of five people said to be involved in an IRS phone scam. The five individuals were arrested in Miami and charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. According to the court documents, the suspects pocketed almost $2 million in schemes that defrauded more than 1,500 victims.

Just a few weeks ago, dozens of arrests were made in another IRS phone scam that plagues American taxpayers. In this case, workers were arrested for their alleged roles in tax-related scams following a police raid on call centers outside of Mumbai, India.

The scam involved call center employees sending mass text messages announcing an urgent inquiry to as many as 10,000 American cellphone numbers, according to Parag Manere, deputy commissioner of police in Thane, in the western state of Maharashtra. If recipients called back, the call center employees would introduce themselves as “Christopher” or “Daniel” and speak with an American accent, impersonating IRS officers. They would then warn the victims that the local police or IRS agents would raid their homes within 30 minutes unless they sent an immediate payment, Thane police officials explained.

That call center was certainly getting a return on its investment. The local…

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