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Matt Damon Is Really Leaning into His Unflattering Persona, Isn’t He?


Let me just preface this by saying that I finally watched The Last Duel over the weekend, and honestly, it may have been my favorite movie of 2021, along with The Harder They Fall. I know that when it was announced — not that long after Matt Damon had said some dumb things about #MeToo — that the idea of a movie about two men dueling over the rape of a woman seemed about as tone-deaf as possible for Damon and Affleck (who co-wrote the movie), but I suspected there would be much more to it than that given the involvement of Jodie Comer and, especially, co-writer Nicole Holofcener. I absolutely loved it. Matt Damon plays a 14th-century controlling, man-splainey douchebag and Ben Affleck plays a preening womanizer (and the comic relief), which is to say: They’re perfectly cast for roles they wrote for themselves (I can only assume that Holofcener wrote Jodie Comer’s role as a direct response to theirs).

Matt Damon appears to be leaning into his douchebag persona these days, recently starring in a commercial for cryptocurrency. And look: I admit that I don’t know a lot about crypto. I mean, I know what it is. I know the basics. But I had no idea how much power it consumed until I saw this thread over the weekend, and while some others I asked knew about the amount of power consumed mining crypto, others had no idea. It’s insane:

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