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Jack Dorsey expresses mild Web3 cynicism, basically calling it a scam

The future of the internet is starting to come together, kind of like a salami and peanut butter sandwich.

Between Meta’s push for us to exist in the metaverse and the decentralized acid trip that has produced visions of Web3 in the brain holes of venture capitalists, it seems like we’re approaching another catalyst in how we access the digital world.

We’re still at the beginnings of both technologies, the understanding little more than a base gleaning of what’s to come. While the metaverse appears to be some amalgamation of virtual and real worlds set inside the hellscape of the internet, Web3 appears to be focused more on the construction of the internet as it pertains to systems and applied technology.

That is, Web3 could create a blockchain-based, decentralized structure that would allow for a higher level of cybersecurity.

Not all tech lords are on-board with the idea

In a quick tweet, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey dismissed Web3 as the playground of venture capitalists, warning that ownership will eternally remain with them.

Considering the slate of responses, both in agreement and disagreement, and that Dorsey’s side project through Block Inc. is literally focused on expanding the…

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