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Yahoo Expert Predicts 2022 Will Be an Even Bigger Year for Crypto

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Cryptocurrency had a big year in 2021, with Bitcoin values skyrocketing (and then plummeting), Coinbase going public and Dogecoin rising in popularity thanks to public support from Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. But 2022 may be an even bigger year for crypto, predicts Jennifer Schonberger, senior reporter at Yahoo Finance and a cryptocurrency expert.

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Here’s are Schonberger’s predictions for cryptocurrency’s boom in 2022.

Crypto Will Become Bigger and More Mainstream

“According to a study by PYMNTS and BitPay, about 60% of the population is demonstrating interest in making cryptocurrency purchases in the future,” Schonberger said. “The cryptocurrency market is currently worth over $2 trillion and has grown exponentially over the past few years. While that may seem small in the overall global financial market, crypto is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and taking on part of the payment system that’s expected to continue far past 2022.”

Crypto has made major strides in recent years and is set to continue on its growth trajectory going into 2022.

“For reference, in October, the first bitcoin-linked, exchange-traded fund launched,…

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