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‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski transferred to medical center at federal prison in Butner

Theodore ‘Ted’ Kaczynski, better known as the ‘Unabomber’, is guided to his arraignment by federal marshals, Helena, Montana, April 4, 1996. He had been arrested in connection with the ‘Unabomber’ bombings and the deaths those explosions caused. (Michael Macor/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

BUTNER, N.C. (WNCN) – Ted Kaczynski, better known as the ‘Unabomber’, now resides with Joe Exotic in Butner.

The man responsible for killing three people and injuring dozens more with homemade bombs has been transferred to Federal Medical Center Butner, a part of the federal prison facility in Franklin County.

The Unabomber was originally in a supermax Colorado prison serving multiple life sentences without the opportunity for parole after pleading guilty for his crimes of mailing and/or delivering homemade bombs across the country between 1978-96.

A prisons spokesperson confirmed the transfer to the North Carolina prison, which is meant for prisoners with severe illnesses, but would not comment on the severity of the Unabomber’s health.

In April, Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, died at the same facility.

Late last month, Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was flown on a plane to be transferred from a federal medical center in Fort Worth, Texas, to the federal medical center in…

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