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Top New Year’s scams to watch out for in 2022

With the new year come promises to eat better and lose weight.

But that’s where it’s so easy to fall victim to a weight loss scam.

It’s one of several New Year’s scams the Better Business Bureau is warning about as we head into 2022.

A few months back, Gloria, who did not want to give her last name, ordered a trial of weight loss supplements.

“If you try it for $4.99,” she said, ” you just sample it for 30 days and let them know if you want to continue.”

But the supplements kept coming, and so did the bills.

“I was billed over $600,” she said.

Weight loss scams

The Better Business Bureau’s Sara Kemerer says weight-loss scams are the top ripoff of the new year, as many people order pills and supplements advertised on social media.

“They see these products. They see detox teas, pills, exercise equipment to lose weight, and they sign up,” she said.

Kemerer says before you try a diet, research it for complaints.

“So Google the name of the product, or name of the business, and then Google the word “complaint” or “reviews,” just to see what people have to say about it,” she said.

Gym ripoffs
The BBB says while gyms are not “scams” in the true sense of the word, it gets complaints every January about gym contracts that turn out to be too good to be true.

The BBB says a typical gym ripoff is a $9/month offer that turns into $29 a month and then automatically renews.

“They are good at taking your money because you accidentally sign up for auto-renewal,” Kemerer said. “And you have no idea you…

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