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Top 10 Crypto Projects Under $10M Market Cap

When looking for a potential crypto project that could be 10x in value, good projects with a small market cap could offer this opportunity. With that, crypto projects, like most companies providing a service or product, could multiply in value depending on their performance.

“The early bird takes the worm” is a phrase that is very true when it comes to making massive gains off of starting crypto projects. But keep in mind to ensure that the project invested does have innate potential instead of just a dead-end project.

Examples of Failed Crypto Projects

While there are a lot of projects out there that do pretty well when it comes to pre-launch by building hype, not all of these projects perform well after they have launched. An example of this is OneCoin or ONE, as shared by Fool.

As a cautionary tale, ONE initially launched back in 2014 and was involved in early crypto frauds. To add, events were held worldwide, even calling itself a “Bitcoin killer” to only later reveal that it was a $4 billion Ponzi scheme using new money to pay old money.

Another example of this is BoringCoin or ZZZ, which was technically a memecoin that failed without ever hitting what Dogecoin was capable of doing. The coin had no hype, no pump, no dump,…

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