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The Olive Theory Lily and Marshall -Is it true?

olive theory

Introduction to olive theory:

The olive theory is basically based on Lily and Marshall. It has been described in the theory of Robin to pilot episodes. The story is about olives. Marshal doesn’t like olives but the Lily likes olives. So, they have clashed about olives. This makes them a good and beautiful couple. After sometimes Robin changed his mind about olives described by the platonist on which Ted has a very significant belief.

References of this theory:

  • This theory is taken from the Paul Riser’s book (Comedian)
  • This theory is relevant to the Opposite Attract.

The olive theory is true if both the parties like olives:

The olive theory was introduced in Pilot. As lily likes olives but marshal hates them so this makes their relationship more beautiful. But at the end of the movie, reality appears. It is that the marshal actually likes olive very much. Lily tries to assure Marshall that they will make it to work together. But after that Ted and Robin did not end up working.

Season 8 is a little bit fast, and in this season Robin claimed that he has changed his mind regarding olives. So, when Ted saw that she has changed her mind, he imagined that she may also have changed her about other things. Actually, he was thinking about himself that she may start liking him. Well, we also know that she change4d her mind in the finale. So now there exist two couples. Both the couples like olives. So, it seems that the olive theory is still true but it is not in the way that is presented in the season. There is a saying that:

If one person loves olives and others hate them, you have the perfect relationship balance. Thus the relationship will prosper

Well in any kind of relationship the main thing is about to compromise. The story of olives may look childish but it seems to be reality. Understanding is very important so, if a couple has a good understanding then the relationship will be long live. This theory is similar to the Shower theory or Spoon theory.

Is olive theory true?

Well, the season is full of many hilarious references. The olive theory states that:

In a relationship balance is everything. So, if you have understood then the relationship will be successful.

According to research that 58 percent of the community agrees with the olive theory. The rest of the people disagree with this. Personally, I agree with the olive theory and it is true that relationship is all about understanding. E3veryone has his own perception and point of view but I consider it true.

Now it’s up to you how you consider the olive theory. Whether you consider it true or false but we should accept the reality.

Final Words:

In this article, I have told you about the theory and the whole background of this theory. After reading this whole article you can easily understand the olive theory. There are two perceptions. Some people consider it true and some people consider it wrong. But it depends upon you. Hopefully, this article will be informative for you.





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