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The “Mother” of the Green Amendment Comes Back to NM

Billions of dollars of oil and gas money that’s flying out of the Permian Basin have made New Mexico the number two petroleum-producing state in the nation next to Texas. As our coffers are filled with black gold, the PR from the Oil and Gas industry (O&G) reminds us that we’re pretty much skint without them. Let’s not talk about “Boom or Bust.” Residents of the Land of Enchantment must make a choice if what’s in our wallet is more important than the health of our people and future generations of this magnificent state.

The Fathers of the Constitution guaranteed us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Maya K. van Rossum, the “Mother” of the Green Amendment, believes securing a constitutional right to pure water, clean air, a stable climate and a healthy environment for all people, including future generations, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or income is just as important.

The Paper. recently spoke with van Rossum, an environmental lawyer, founder of the Green Amendment movement and author of Green Amendments For The Generations. We discussed her vision and what she learned when passing a Green Amendment in Pennsylvania that can help New Mexico clean up its environmental issues.

“Our laws fundamentally fail us because it’s all about accepting and permitting pollution, not preventing it before it happens. The Green Amendment totally flips that legal regime,” van Rossum said. “It has to be…

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