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Texts offering deals to scam victims

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s the holiday season and many of you may be searching online and on social media for the perfect gift. You also may get a text message from a friend about that perfect gift, but the message may not really be from your friend.

Several years ago, WATE first reported how hackers steal a photo and claim to be one of your friends on Facebook offering an amazing holiday bargain. Now, they are sending text messages, again claiming to be one of your friends telling you about a great holiday sale.

Recently, Better Business Bureau of Greater East Tennessee president Tony Binkley received a text about some deals for ON shoes. The sender claims to be a friend.

“He knows I like orange because I’m a UT fan. He said, hey these are you. Go get you some shoes, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” said Binkley.

The great deal on an Orange Sea shoe piqued his interest.

“Here they are on sale. They are normally a hundred and forty. But they’re marked down to $59.95. If you buy two pairs you get 30 dollars off for the second pair. You can get two for 90 bucks,” said Binkley. “It’s a great bargain.”

However, he wanted to know more information about the website.

“One of the first things I went to look for was the contact information to make sure they had an address, a phone number, hopefully, an email…

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