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Square Enix Loves NFT, NFT Games, and Metaverse; But Fans Hate It

Square Enix, the company behind the “Final Fantasy” series, is planning to join the “decentralize gaming” trend. The decision caused fans to riot against the “Square Enix NFT and metaverse” plan on Twitter.

At the start of the year, Square Enix released an open letter written by company president Yosuke Matsuda. The letter praised metaverse and blockchain gaming. It also shared future plans to invest in the so-called “play to contribute” platform.

Square Enix Metaverse: Yosuke Matsuda Loves NFTs

Sources from Dotesports summarized the key highlights of the letter. They said Matsuda hoped that decentralized gaming would grow to become “a major trend.”

Matsuda said the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain games and digital token-based economies are “here to stay” in the long run. Because of this, the niche could be one of the company’s future areas of investment. Matsuda emphasized that 2021 was just “NFTs: Year One.” He predicted that the technology would continue to grow this year.

Matsuda also shared that Square Enix has been “aggressive” with its research in blockchain technology, reportedly developing key areas of AI, cloud and blockchain gaming.

According to Matsuda, the play-to-earn games in the blockchain is some kind of “diversification” in gaming. This system could potentially reward players and modders for their investments through digital tokens.

Matsuda concluded that decentralized gaming might enable self-sustaining growth in the company. Overall, the…

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