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Scammers using fake charities to take advantage of Giving Tuesday


WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service and Security Summit
partners today warned taxpayers to be wary of fake charities used by
scammers to get money as well as sensitive financial and personal
information from victims.

Today being Giving Tuesday marks a special day as the holidays
approach and people give to their favorite causes through charitable
organizations. Scammers can take advantage of this by setting up fake
charities to trick unsuspecting donors into providing not only money,
but also their sensitive information.

The Security Summit –– a coalition of state tax agencies, the
nation’s tax community and the IRS –– urged people to make sure they are
giving to a legitimate charity. This can help protect taxpayer’s
personal and financial data and help prevent tax-related identity theft.

Donors should always check to make sure they are giving to a
legitimate charity and can easily do so by using a special IRS tool: the
Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool.

This is Day 2 of National Tax Security Awareness Week, now in its
sixth year. The IRS, state tax agencies and the nation’s tax industry ––
working together as the Security Summit –– are providing tips this week
to help protect people against identity theft as well as help safeguard
sensitive tax information that criminals can use to try filing fake tax
returns and obtaining refunds.

The special week includes special informational graphics and social
media efforts on platforms…

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