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Scammers using COVID testing to steal identities

“They want you to fill out paperwork that [has] your name, your address, your birthday, all of your health insurance information,” said Liz Coyle with Georgia Watch.

ATLANTA — State leaders and consumer advocates are warning of scammers pretending to offer free COVID tests.

Liz Coyle, executive director of the consumer advocacy group Georgia Watch, said the scammers are preying on people who are desperate to get tested.

Access to tests hit a crisis point leading up to Christmas, with at home kits sold out nearly everywhere and hours-long lines at testing centers.

“Those are the times that scammers really love, when they know that they’re going to have people who are desperate and vulnerable,” Coyle explained.

She added that people should be wary of anyone offering a COVID test in exchange for money or personal information.

“I was just taking a walk last weekend and encountered a couple of men who had a table set up with some masks and some clipboards and said, ‘hey, would you like a free COVID test?'” Coyle recalled. 

“They didn’t really look like they had a lot of credentials, and they wanted you to fill out paperwork that had your name, your address, your birthday, all of your…

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