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Scam warning: HSBC alerts customers to convincing email fraud – ‘real or scam?’ | Personal Finance | Finance

Referred to as phishing, fraudsters target innocent members of the public by posing as respected organisations, such as banks, to convince them to part with their money. Those who are faced with these scams are often asked to part with their personal and financial information. Thanks to social media, anyone targeted by these fraudsters is able to reach out to organisations who are supposedly reaching out to them to see if they are being scammed.

One of the many regarded institutions fraudsters tend to pose as is HSBC, with many of the bank’s customers being contacted by email scams.

Recently, one customer contacted HSBC on Twitter to see if an email they had received had come from the financial institution.

The Twitter user with the account name Sam Grimley tweeted the bank with the message: “real or scam?”

As part of his message, Mr Grimley screenshotted an image of the email he had received with the subject line on display.

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The email’s subject line read: “Please contact us urgently to reclaim money in your frozen account.”

While he did not share the rest of the email, the message sent to Mr Grimley appears to be sent from an official HSBC account at face value.

However, the bank has since revealed this email was not sent by their official communication channels and is a scam.

In response, HSBC tweeted back: “Hi Sam. This looks very much like a scam email, as this is not one of our email…

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