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Scam targetting seniors brings ‘level of sophistication’: Saskatoon Police

Saskatoon police have released details into its investigation of a recent string of scams in the city, which is believed to total more than $100,000.

Superintendent Patrick Nogier says at least 20 people, mostly seniors, were targeted by three men accused of being involved in organized crime.

“They’re substantiated by the notion that an immediate family member is in need, and they try and facilitate that assistance which leads them to become victims,” said Nogier.

The scam involved preying on the emotions of people in a so-called “Grandparents emergency scam”.

Twenty-five-year-old Ahmad Ebad Ebadi, 25-year-old Sofyane Elgamal and Cedric Boivin Oligny, 26, are all facing multiple charges including fraud over $5,000, trafficking of stolen property, benefitting from being part of a criminal organization and recruiting for a criminal organization.

Police intelligence indicates that people’s personal information was collected in Saskatoon and online, and fed back to a criminal organization where it was compiled into what is called a “Suckers List.”

“This one is unique in that it involves individuals that are coming into our community, they bring together a level of sophistication,” said Nogier.

Nogier says these criminals are emboldened by greed—showing up on people’s doorsteps for the scam allows them quicker and easier access to a larger amount of cash.

“[They’re] trying to reduce the way that law enforcement…

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