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Scam Experts Advise Americans That IRS Will Never Try To Contact You From Beyond Earthly Realm

NEW YORK– Warning consumers to be on the lookout for deceptive communiqués, scam experts issued a statement Monday informing Americans that the IRS would never try to contact you from beyond this earthly plane. “Official communications from the government will almost never appear in the form of a bloody scrawl on your bathroom mirror that disappears when you try to show it to someone else,” said lead author and hoax researcher Fred Wexler, confirming that con artists will often try to deceive Americans by planting nightmarish visions in their heads of their account being compromised. “If you’ve actually incurred an audit, it will come in the mail on official letterhead and not as a disembodied voice whispering to you that you could face jail time if you don’t act immediately. Remember, IRS agents will never ask you for your social security number or your immortal soul in payment. ” Wexler added that if a dark, silent figure shows up at your door beckoning with a single skeletal finger, that is most likely a real IRS representative.

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