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Salt Lake City Police warns residents of impersonation phone call scam

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City Police Department is warning residents of a phone call scam where a caller demands money and claims to be associated with the Department.

A community member reported getting a phone call from an unknown number where the caller said that the SLCPD would file a lawsuit against them unless they made a payment.

The scammer gave the resident the name of a real detective in the Salt Lake City Police, but gave them a fake phone number to call in order to resolve the issue. When the victim called the number, a suspect who was impersonating a police officer, “gave the victim unverified police-related information in an attempt to further the scam,” SLCPD reports.

The victim did not pay the scammers and immediately reported the incident, but the scammers continued to call the victim and made their caller ID read “POLICE.”

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These kinds of scams are not a new concept in Utah. Sometimes, scammers will claim the victim has an outstanding warrant or has missed jury duty and payment is required immediately. In these scams, suspects may also collect small bits of personal information beforehand like names and addresses to make their claims seem valid.

Officials remind residents to never give out financial information, be wary of unknown numbers, avoid posting personal information on social media and never send money to a stranger using wire transfers, online cash transfer apps or gift cards.

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