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Richmond man loses claim on dad’s mental well-being

Serious doubts about son’s intentions as he was estranged for 20 years and inserted himself into parents’ lives “against their wishes”: judge

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has rejected a son’s attempt to have his dad assessed and declared mentally “incapable of managing his affairs,” which could enable the son to take over his dad’s affairs.

In a judgment published last month, Justice Palbinder Kaur Shergill dismissed Harjit Singh Sandhu’s petition for the declaration, describing it as an “extraordinarily intrusive remedy” and voicing her doubts about his intentions.

According to the judgment, Harjit had lived with his dad Mohinder Singh Sandhu and mom at their family home in Richmond until they had a “falling out” 20 years ago. They had “virtually nothing to do with each other” for the next two decades, although they did briefly reconcile on several occasions.

Harjit had requested the court intervene and order a medical examination of Mohinder because the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) “either refused or failed” to have Mohinder examined “despite being aware of his circumstances.” (The PGT is an entity designed to protect those who are unable to make decisions and protect their own interests.)

According to Harjit, Mohinder showed “hoarding and erratic behaviour,” was “belligerent,” made “bad financial investments,” allowed himself to be “used by others,” and was “embroiled in litigation with the…

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