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Online job, huge pay? Beware! This woman lost 1 lakh; know the SECRET to catch c

A young woman who was lured by promise of an online job with huge pay ended up losing 1 lakh rupees to criminals. Know secret that will stop criminals.

A young woman who was lured by promises of an online job with huge pay ended up losing over a lakh of rupees to fraudsters. The woman did exactly what no one should ever do when it comes to dealing with strangers online and messages received on phones. The woman was duped of as much as 1.13 lakh in Nagpur by fraudsters who had promised her an online job with huge pay. This was revealed by police on Saturday.

The 23-year-old woman has alleged in her complaint that a text message was sent to her phone on December 4 by a stranger. The sender of the message claimed to be a project manager for an e-commerce firm. The woman was offered an online job and an attractive pay was promised to her, PTI said.

The modus operandi

The salary promised was a huge 5,000 per day! The message asked the receiver to click on the link provided in the message. On doing so, it opened an online page. On the page was a request to register herself there. Without this step, the process of providing her the job could not be completed. The registration also required her to pay a certain amount of money.

She paid and got herself registered, but the requests for more money kept coming in thereafter and the woman kept paying till finally she realised that it was a scam and that no job was…

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