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New Home Warranty Scam Keeps Fooling People — Best Life

New technology may have given scammers new ways to target and lure in potential victims. However, there are still plenty of traditional tactics criminals use that don’t involve your smartphone or email. Some have even reverted to using traditional phone calls or letters sent through the mail to steal money and information. And now, a new home warranty scam is making the rounds that looks so real it keeps fooling people. Read on to see why insurers are warning the public about this latest swindle attempt.

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The barrage of junk text messages and emails most people receive on any given day may have made us more skeptical of unsolicited messages on our devices. But just as new forms of communication continue to see new types of attempted identity theft, a new home warranty scam is relying on an authentic-looking letter that gets sent right to your front door.

The latest grift appears as a mailed notice warning that a customer’s home warranty has expired or is about to expire, local Rochester, Minnesota NBC affiliate KTTC reports. The outside of the envelope may even be printed with an urgent message in red text, pressing the letter’s importance or suggesting an affiliation with a bank or financial institution.

In many cases, the enclosed letter makes it appear as though the company…

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