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Lloyds Bank issues alert as friends caught up in £10,000 scam | Personal Finance | Finance

Sadly, scammers are stepping up their techniques and tactics to target unsuspecting victims. But there is one type of scam which could see victims seriously affected themselves: money muling.

These people use their bank account to receive criminal cash, either intentionally or without their knowledge.

However, it is often money stolen through a scam and could come with a serious punishment. 

Lloyds shared the story of Molly*, who received an unusual phone call from her friend Linda**, asking for help.

Linda had been contacted by a supposed Amazon representative, saying she was due a refund of £10,000 on some purchases.

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The caller said all Linda would need to do is download some software to one of her mobile or tablet devices for the refund to be processed.

Eager to secure her refund, Linda took the steps as directed by the caller, and soon enough the caller was able to remotely access her device, and get Linda to help with accessing her online banking.

When £10,000 appeared in her account, Linda was thrilled, but the caller said there was an issue and the payment would need to be rerouted to a few other accounts for it to be processed.

This is where Molly came into the equation for the first time.

The caller explained all Linda would have to do is to call Molly and tell her she’d been experiencing an “online banking problem”.

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