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Kimberly Rosales explains how to avoid cryptocurrency scams

Recently Netflix, through its documentary “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,” addressed one of the events that hit the cryptocurrency world hard between 2018 and 2019. In that period, the Canadian exchange Quadriga publicly stated that it would not be able to pay the $190 million in investments of its customers, because its founder and sole holder of the passwords of its “digital wallets,” Gerald Cotten, passed away in December 2018. Kimberly Rodriguez knows the risks that exist in this space, and that is why she has used her experience in cryptocurrencies to explain how to avoid falling victim to countless scams today.

Cotten’s case, besides raising doubts about the veracity of his death, shows how this man managed to manipulate and sustain a fortune based on deception and excessive trust on the part of his investors. That is why today, in the midst of a context of economic variations and inflationary trends worldwide, the search for new income and investment instruments (that generate greater profitability) seems to attract more and more of the attention of people.

This being the case, Rosales explained how these pyramid scam mechanisms operate, linked to investment in cryptocurrencies, which, like any other industry or market, respond fraudulently to the high expectations of their customers and the search for new investment opportunities. In this sense, Rosales pointed out that, although investment in cryptocurrencies is usually safe due to…

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