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I was bullied at school but now I’m a millionaire at 18 thanks to Bitcoin, my car’s worth $350k & I make $20k as I sleep

A TEENAGER who was bullied throughout high school is now a self-proclaimed millionaire after investing in Cryptocurrency over four years.

Samuel Snell, from Australia, is now able to live a lavish lifestyle after co-founding ‘Crypto Gods’ a private community where he teaches others how to invest.


Samuel claims he can now travel the world after investing in CryptocurrencyCredit: samuelsnell/Instagram
Samuel also bought a diamond Rolex Watch and buys designer goods regularly


Samuel also bought a diamond Rolex Watch and buys designer goods regularlyCredit: samuelsnell/Tiktok

He has dubbed the business as the ‘biggest private crypto group in Australia’ with more than 3,000 members signed up.

On Samuel’s TikTok account, he often posts videos sharing ‘a day in the life’ where he boasts his thriftless lifestyle of earning thousands of dollars a day and driving his two Mercedes Benz cars.

However, not everyone online is convinced of his claims and some have suggested it is a ‘scam’.

Cryptocurrency, is a form of digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is used to buy goods and services but is often exchanged for a profit if the price has increased. 

In Samuel’s ‘a day in the life’ videos he begins his day by checking his earnings that have accumulated overnight, and on one occasion earns as much as $27k over one night.

In a single week alone, he claims to have made $20k and had even taken his friend away for a holiday with his earnings.

Samuel has two Mercedes Benz cars, the first he bought when he was just 17 years old.

He then went on…

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