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How to Keep Your Venmo Payments Private

I was talking to my mom over the weekend and we were randomly talking about candles. I made the comment that candles are the last thing I need at my house right now. I explained to her that my husband and I had just bought a bunch of them (hundreds of dollars worth) during Bath & Body Works’ annual December candle sale. She laughed and said, “Oh yeah! I saw on Venmo that you paid him for candles.”

I said, “Whoa! What?”

She said, “Yeah, I can see what my friends are paying people for on Venmo.”

Uh, I didn’t know this.  I was flabbergasted.  And, I suppose one could argue that I should have known it.  After all, Venmo is a social media app that friends and family routinely use to transfer money from one to another. However, I just assumed that, because the transactions are financial, that they would also be private.

NEGATIVE! Unless you change your settings from public to private, everyone can be all up in your business. They can see who you paid, when and for what. The only thing they can’t see is the dollar amount you forked over.

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m not harboring any transactional secrets. However, because I have a completely warped and rather “adult” sense of humor, I routinely write very inappropriate things in the memo section (where you can indicate what the payment is for).

Here’s a relatively mild example that could be very incriminating if it were actually true. I wrote in the memo to my friend J.T., who simply strung my tennis racquets for me, that I was…

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