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How Indian Capitalism Is Related To Scam 1992

I have not read the book from which the series was adapted. This is only a comment on the SonyLIV series.

To analyse Scam 1992 from a Marxian perspective, it is important to first understand a philosophical contribution of Marx and Engels — historical materialism. It posits that changes in our social and political lives are driven by the material conditions and relations, i.e. socio-economic relationships between components of a society and the available pool of resources.

Understanding Historical Materialism

Marx and Engels.

Early human societies practised primitive communism, where tribes owned and managed resources in a collective manner. The tribes had very limited access to tools, were nomadic, banded together in primitive communes and hunting-gathering was the mode of production of goods that were necessary for sustenance.

Since the tribe was nomadic, there was no concept of private property in the form of land or any other resource. When the skills to make tools developed, and as farming became a possibility with the use of tools, primitive communism started to decline. Tribes ceased to be nomadic and could settle in a single region. Thus, ideas of ownership of property came about.

To gain some context, let us do a thought experiment: Sentinel island in Andaman and Nicobar is populated by a small tribe that has had no meaningful contact with the outside world for ages. What if you were to go to this island and read out Article 19 of the Indian constitution and…

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