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Group-IB executive believes they have the complete platform for cybersecurity

Ashraf Koheil, Director of Business Development, Middle & Africa at Group-IB, has stated his belief that the security solution and service provider has the ‘complete platform’ when it comes to cybersecurity in a conversation with CNME Editor Mark Forker.

Ashraf Koheil, MEA Director of Business Development, Group-IB

Group-IB’s Ashraf Koheil has been in the Middle East region for over 10 years, and during that time he has cultivated a reputation as a key thought leader within the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Prior to his appointment as Regional Director for the Middle East & Africa at Group-IB, Koheil held senior positions at Microsoft and FireEye.

We began our conversation by discussing some of findings that emerged from a comprehensive report that examined new threat actors and global scams during a recent virtual summit that was held by Group-IB.

It has been claimed by some security analysts that the UAE and other GCC nations are more vulnerable than other developed nations when it comes to cyberattacks. According to Koheil the United Arab Emirates has been a victim of its own success.

“I think in terms of cyberattacks it is fair to say that the UAE is targeted more than other nations in the region, and the primary reason for that is the fact that the UAE is leading in so many areas when it comes to technology and innovation. EXPO 2020 is a great illustration of that sort of visionary leadership that fosters new innovations. However, as we…

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