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Christmas scam alert | News

Jamaica-born British fraud examiner Karen Bailey is urging Jamaicans to step up their vigilance during the Christmas season when there tends to be a jump in fraudulent activities.

“Protect your banking details. Make sure your credit and debit card never leave your sight of vision. Double-check the cost of goods or services, to make sure it matches receipt amount,” she advised in a Sunday Gleaner interview.

Several persons have complained in recent days that upon checking their receipts, they discovered added sums that did not reflect what they actually purchased.

“Your eyes must never leave your bill, and even when you are scrutinising, it does not hurt to go over it again to make sure there is a correlation between what it purchased and what is withdrawn. I could have been a victim of this recently while in Jamaica and it’s only because I am a stickler for details,” Bailey told The Sunday Gleaner, outlining how she was overcharged in a tourist resort town for goods and services.

“Items were added to the bill that I did not order and they were juxtaposed between my legitimate orders,” she said, now becoming everybody’s checker when she goes out with friends.

Last week, one woman reported losing her bank card at a supermarket and within an hour, her account was cleaned out.

A University of the West Indies student recounted a similar experience, stating that she only realised her credit card was missing when she was notified by email of a…

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