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Biggest holiday scams right now that you should look out for

The holiday season is often busy with shopping, parties and traveling — all things that can keep you distracted, making you an easier target for scammers.

Especially during the hectic holiday season, thieves are working to gain access to your personal information and your money.

Here are some of the top scams we’re tracking this season.

‘Free’ gift cards

Scammers are using fake gift cards to access your information.

Thieves send out fake emails requesting personal information with promises of providing a gift card to popular businesses like Starbucks or Target.

It sure sounds good, but remember that nothing is free. Once you share your personal information, many of these scammers then work to steal your identity.

Ignore these emails.

Fake charity scams

Fake charity scams are booming right now amid the holiday season.

If you want to donate this holiday season, do your homework and check out the charity’s history online. Also, check and see if the charity has a local contact who you can actually speak with.


Be cautious of any GoFundMe accounts. Do your research and see how the money is actually getting to the person or group in need.

If you want to find a charity to help, consider calling your local church or United Way for some direction.

Social media gift exchanges

Beware of social media gift exchanges, which pop up often on Facebook.

The hook: You purchase a gift card, and in doing so expect one in return. Scammers encourage you to share your personal information, much…

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