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Beware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams

Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry to interrupt your festivities, but right around the corner are the biggest shopping days of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holidays draw millions of buyers every year looking to score deals, compete for hot products, and cross names off their shopping lists. We want you and your families to be ready – and safe!

“With all these deals, unfortunately, fraudsters are also looking to cash in,” said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. “Let’s not give scammers any gifts, credit card information, or new identities this year,” said AG Rosenblum. “Before you open your wallet, review this list carefully to ensure you can shop confidently and make the most of all the great holiday deals. Be sure to review our ten practical tips as well!”

1. Non-delivery scam

If a deal seems too good to be true on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it probably is. When making online purchases, you should always receive an order confirmation with a tracking number. But in this scam, you won’t. And surprise, surprise, the package never arrives. When you attempt to contact the seller for help, you learn they have disappeared.

2. Gift card scam

In this scam, an online store will ask that you pay using a gift card. If this happens, it should raise big red flags. Gift cards are often utilized by cybercriminals to steal your money because these types of purchases cannot be tracked, and it is impossible to get your money…

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