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BBB Warning: Beware of an increase in travel scams during the holidays

As the holidays approach, many Americans are beginning to look at their holiday traveling plans and deciding the best, and most affordable, way to visit family and friends.

BBB historically receives a large influx of reports regarding travel scams around the holidays and provides the following data from BBB Scam Tracker:

  • In 2021, $360,000 was reported lost to travel scams from October-December, accounting for 35% of all money lost to travel scams for the entire year.
  • BBB’s 2021 Scam Tracker Risk Report ranked travel scams among the 10 riskiest consumer scams in 2021 with a median loss of $700 per report.
  • While median loss decreased between 2020 and 2021, exposure, the likelihood of encountering a scam, and susceptibility, the likelihood to lose money to a scam, both increased.

In addition to the threat of con artists posing as legitimate travel companies or rental agencies, prospective travelers also must contend with airline labor shortages, increased oil prices and reduced fleets of rental vehicles from reputable lenders.

As travelers solidify their plans and contact rental locations, travel agencies or hotels, BBB cautions Texas residents to be careful when interacting with anyone who uses aggressive sales tactics or promotes a deal that seems too good to be true. BBB recommends booking and scheduling travel plans as far in advance…

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