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Ask SAM: Caution, another phone scam making the rounds | Local News

If you answer the phone to find out it’s a robocall, you should hang up immediately without saying a word. Here’s why.

S.P. forwarded a voicemail message he got from “Mary Fletcher, agent number FF694.” She said she was representing the “Department of Financial Relief Services.”

Fletcher said she was calling to inform all U.S. citizens about a tax-debt relief program that’s currently enrolling people.

Looking up the phone number she left, 866-598-2292, several people reported having received the same message.

The IRS warns people to be aware of promoters who claim they can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar.

The IRS does have a program, Offer in Compromise, for people that have tax debt, to work out a payment plan with the agency.

“Taxpayers can go to and review the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier Tool to see if they qualify for an OIC.

“The IRS reminds taxpayers that under the First Time Penalty Abatement policy, taxpayers can go directly to the IRS for administrative relief from a penalty that would otherwise be added to their tax debt.”

Remember, if Mary Fletcher leaves you a message, unless you know someone named Mary Fletcher, don’t respond to it, delete it.

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